Thursday, August 22, 2013

Star ruby gemstone

Since I thought it was getting a little bit boring posting about diamonds continuously I thought I squeeze in a few different post about gemstones and also give you a little info about it.
This time is for the star ruby a rare to find gemstone that it has captured me recently so I incorporated to my new collection which you can se the model down here:

Star Rubies are beautiful gemstones that reflect a six-ray star that appears across the surface of the gem when the light reflects and also moves according to the light direction. This six-ray star is caused due to an optical phenomena known as "Asterism". The term "Asterism" is derived from the Greek word "aster", which means star, so asterism is commonly referred to as "star" or "star-effect". The asterism is a star-shaped light effect across the surface of gems. Other popular gemstones that display asterism are Star Sapphire, Star Rose Quartz, Star Garnet, Star Diopside, Star Moonstone, Star Spinel and Star Opal.  I also made a ring in star sapphire and it's lovely and enchanting.
How to know the price of a star ruby?
The value of Star rubies is basically influenced by two things:
  • Strength and sharpness of the star
  • Intensity and attractiveness of body colour

Here are other artist great star gemstone rings and If  you are interested in one of my collection contact me at: I also make custom made request and worldwide delivery and receive 20% off.

Cartier ring

Elke Berr ring 

This is it for this week and cheers from the land of down under!

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